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Trade In Promise

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Wolfe Auto ONE Price Commitment

No additional dealer mark-ups over MSRP, EVER! 100% refundable deposits on your factory orders. Trade-in values are guaranteed at the time of delivery for 90 days, with no re-appraisals. We’ll pay off your trade no matter how much you owe. No pressure tactics and full disclosure with no surprises. In-house financing or leasing available.

You will expect Award-Winning service from one of the largest volume dealers in Western Canada with an impressive inventory of new cars available.

Your only regret for your new car purchase is that you didn’t see us first. With a family business approach, we guarantee that we are one of the best to deal with.

Transparent Commitment

  • Fully Disclosed In-house Financing or Leasing Available
  • 100% Refundable Deposits on your Factory Orders

No Extra Mark Up

  • No Additional Mark-up over MSRP
  • Take advantage of all applicable Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates
  • No High-Pressure Tactics

Trade-In Promise

  • Trade Appraisal Guaranteed for 90 Days
  • We will pay off your trade regardless of what you owe
  • Fair Market Value offered the first time with an instant cash offer

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    From your own Dealer Principal Mr. Mike Hacquard, his commitment:

    “I’m proud to say you will see a lot of familiar faces in our stores. The same familiar family service from a family owned and operated business with local ties to our community. I’m honoured to earn your business and I’m 100% aiming to keep it for life!”