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Mitsubishi Outlander - New & Used Models Available

Discover the Mitsubishi Outlander for Sale at Go Mitsubishi Today!

The most versatile SUV is back and we have it at Go Langley Mitsubishi! To help you decide, we compare it with the 2019 model if you want to make the switch. Here's a breakdown of the price for the trims in stock below.

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Should I Buy a New or Used Mitsubishi Outlander?

For 2021, Only the 2021 Outlander PHEV and the rest of the plug-in-hybrid powertrains are available as the 2022 Outlander will make its debut this year. For buyers who are seeking true value, the 2022 Outlander is still the best low-priced, fuel-efficient, and technology-packed SUV in the market that utilizes level 3 fast charging.

The hybrid technology built into the Outlander was designed for drivers who want to go farther and do more. Beneath the hood, twin electric motors, and an exceptionally efficient gasoline engine work in tandem to deliver a driving experience that’s seamlessly smooth, and quiet enough to make the crush of a traffic jam a little more Zen.

The hybrid SUV boasts all the dependable capability you’d expect from a regular SUV, but with the capacity to take your ride even farther. The Outlander now comes with three distinctive driving modes (EV, the new parallel hybrid, and series hybrid), all three have incredible versatility and flexibility both on and off the road.


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If you decide to get either a new or used Mitsubishi Outlander, we currently have a promotion below.

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Promotion

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