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Getting a new or used car is an exciting step. No matter what type of vehicle you select, it's a time to celebrate the newness of your ride. Some people, in their excitement, may not consider how essential maintenance and repairs are for their vehicle. However, at Go Langley Mitsubishi, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in premium shape. Even if your vehicle is running perfectly at the moment, you want it to stay in prime operating condition by keeping up with the maintenance.

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Maintenance for Any Make in Surrey

Vehicles of all ages require regular maintenance. And at Go Langley Mitsubishi, we're ready to help you with whatever type of make or model you may have. Some routine maintenance you may need includes things such as:
• Tires, including rotation and replacement
• Oil changes
• New filters
• Tune-ups
• Transmission flush

Scheduling an appointment for regular maintenance work is as simple as calling the Go Langley Mitsubishi Service Department at (604) 373-3108. Get in the routine of having your vehicle maintained regularly, and it will give you more years of optimal driving.

Repairs at Go Langley Mitsubishi

In addition to maintenance, sometimes vehicles do run into problems. It may be something minor that could be covered by your warranty. Whatever the case may be, it's critical to have the vehicle serviced promptly when problems arise. Our capable, expert technicians have state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure your vehicle gets superior care.

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Our simple-to-use online scheduling system allows you to make your service appointment from the convenience of your computer or phone. We are available for your maintenance or repairs at the hours listed above.