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Fleet and Demo Sales

Fleet return sales are great opportunities for consumers to save on their next car, by taking advantage of a large volume of inventory returning to a dealership.

Go Langley Mitsubishi specializes in large volume fleet sales of current models to enterprises that require a large number of specific cars for their business’s needs. Typically, these vehicles are not bought, but are leased to the enterprise by Go Langley Mitsubishi. At the end of their lease period, this large fleet of vehicles returns to Go Langley Mitsubishi where they are put back into inventory, either to sell or to lease to a private customer.

So what does this mean to you, when shopping for your next car? When a large volume of cars return to our dealership in one go, we obviously find ourselves with a large volume of inventory that needs to move fast!

Browse our inventory below for special deals, and keep watching this website for announcements of our next big fleet return sales event! Don’t miss out on big savings opportunities, when shopping for your next Mitsubishi!


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