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Mitsubishi four-wheel drive system

Mitsubishi four-wheel drive system

Mitsubishi has been at the forefront of four-wheel drive engineering since the launch of the PX33 model way back in 1936, and remain to this day the outstanding experts in the field. The latest Mitsubishi four-wheel drive system is called All Wheel Control (AWC) and delivers all the handling, stability, and traction you could ask for to cope with Canada's winter and wilderness conditions.


Highlights of the Mitsubishi AWC System: Drive Modes

Highlights of the Mitsubishi AWC System Drive Modes


The Mitsubishi four-wheel drive system offers a choice of driver selectable modes, giving you complete control at the touch of a button. Depending on the model, you can choose to stick with front-wheel drive mode for economical driving in kind conditions, or switch to automatic four-wheel drive mode for smooth and efficient performance when the road surfaces are more challenging.


An AWC Eco mode uses economical front-wheel drive as the mainstay, while adding drive to the rear when the system detects a loss of traction. And lastly, the four-wheel drive lock mode shifts more power to the rear wheels at all times, delivering surefooted traction on slippery surfaces like sand, snow, and ice.


Electronically Controlled Coupling


Handling on slippery surfaces is further improved by AWC's Electronically Controlled Coupling system, which automatically shifts torque between the front and rear axles whenever wheel slippage is detected. This is especially effective in conditions where wheel spins are a risk, such as starting on ice, or climbing a gradient in a snowfall.


Active Stability Control

Active Stability Control


When the vehicle detects oversteer or understeer, Active Stability Control reduces the power to wheels which are losing traction, as well as applying brakes independently to each wheel. The overall result is a straighter, more controlled drive and increased safety in difficult conditions.


Anti-Lock Brakes


Lastly, the Mitsubishi four-wheel drive system works in tandem with anti-lock braking, which keeps the wheels turning under your control during heavy braking, especially when driving over slippery surfaces.


Upgrade to Mitsubishi S-AWC

Upgrade to Mitsubishi S-AWC


But for when even greater control is needed, the Mitsubishi S-AWC steps up to the plate. Taking the 'S' of S-AWC for its Super performance, this upgraded version of the Mitsubishi 4-wheel drive system adds extra driving modes to cope with snow, gravel, and other tough terrains. When you need reliable traction everywhere delivered with enviable fuel economy levels, S-AWC is the system to turn to.


What's more, the S-AWC system can be fitted with an Active Front Differential control which balances the power to the left and right front wheels to automatically correct understeer or oversteer without driver intervention needed.


And lastly, Active Yaw Control works together with the automatic braking system to reduce rotational pressure on each wheel independently, improving acceleration, braking, and turning when the surface conditions are particularly severe.


Experience the Excellence of Mitsubishi Four-Wheel Drive


Discover what a difference Mitsubishi vehicles equipped with AWC could make to your driving by booking a test drive from Wolfe Langley, Surrey's premier Mitsubishi dealer. When you need a 4-wheel drive system that can handle everything the Canadian climate and terrain has to offer, Mitsubishi AWC and S-AWC are the standards to beat.

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