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Why service your Mitsubishi at the dealership?

Why service your Mitsubishi at the dealership?

Today's Mitsubishi vehicles are the most reliable ever, designed and manufactured with care to provide years of trouble-free driving. But even the best and most advanced cars can use some care and attention to keep them running smoothly, safely, and economically. Regular servicing and maintenance is essential, no matter what brand of car or SUV you drive, and here's why we highly recommend your use our Mitsubishi service centre to give your car the attention it deserves.


1) A Full Range of Services Available


Where some dealerships only offer basic services and detailing, our expert technicians can handle the full range of maintenance and repairs you need to keep your Mitsubishi running in peak condition. Whether you need a quick check of vital features or a full bumper-to-bumper inspection, our team is available, with our most popular services including:


- Oil and filter checks and changes.


- Fluid flushes and refills.


- Exhaust system inspections.


- Tire inspections, rotations, and replacements.


- Battery and electrics tests.


- Transmission, brakes, and steering checks and tune ups.


Alternatively, if your Mitsubishi needs a more major repair, contact us for a quote and advice on how to proceed.


2) Top-Quality, Genuine Mitsubishi Parts


All our maintenance and repair work is carried out using only genuine Mitsubishi parts or their authorized equivalents. Each component is guaranteed to be fully compatible with your vehicle, with identical specifications to the parts used on the factory production line. Unlike some other servicing providers who use discount aftermarket parts, we only use OEM originals that won't compromise the quality of your vehicle.


3) Specialist Mitsubishi Training and Equipment


What's more, all our expert technicians are fully trained to official Mitsubishi standards and are fully familiar with the designs of all Mitsubishi models. Their experience and access to the latest Mitsubishi diagnostic equipment means they can quickly and accurately identify any faults and put them right the first time, making the whole process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our customers.


4) Professional and Friendly Service


Lastly, we believe in making our customers want to come back for more. Every servicing appointment is important to us, and we aim to do the best job possible at the most attractive price. We'll always check with you before carrying out any work we think is needed, and we'll always find the time to discuss your car's requirements honestly and accurately, as well as answering any questions you might have. And to help you keep your Mitsubishi on the road with as few problems as possible, we're always happy to help with advice on everyday care and maintenance that you can carry out for yourself.


Book Your Car Maintenance at Our Mitsubishi Service Centre


It takes only seconds to book your spot at our Mitsubishi service centre. Simply complete our online form giving us as much detail as you can about your Mitsubishi model and year, along with the kind of servicing you require, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment and supply a solid quote for the services you've requested.

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